About Obesity

The obesity is a condition that can also be seen as a product of modern lifestyles. The excess weight puts strain on the internal organs and structures to cause inefficient organ function and joint pain. Ultimately this may manifest as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, liver damage, bowel problems and even increased cancer risk. So a single thing to do to achieve a better, healthier and longer life is: losing weight and maintaining it at normal level.

View of TCM

In many studies, traditional Chinese medicine has been revealed to help with weight loss . But using Chinese medicine for weight loss is not a substitute for lifestyle changes. To lose weight you have to eat less and move more! Chinese medicine can bolster a patient’s resilience, help fight cravings, and enhance a patient’s ability to respond positively to good diet and exercise choices.

Treatment of TCM

1) Mechanism

Chinese medicine works on weight loss through:
A. Control eating desire to curb the appetite
B. Make more efficient digestion and regulating food usage
C. Reduce blood-lipid and lowering high cholesterol
D. Detoxify to adjust your balance
E. Metabolize stored unnecessary fats
F. Improve the other medical situation (inflammation/acidity etc)
G. Relax and re-gain more energy and

2) Procedure

Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, Chinese massage and herbs etc. You can combine acupuncture with Chinese herbs and massage, In acupuncture, fine needles are inserted into the relevant acupoints. Also there are a number of herbs that can help people to lose weight with success. According to the situation, ear acupuncture will be used for better effects.
Commonly acupuncture, massage and herbs are applied in a series of 12 treatments (2 treatments per week for 6 weeks).

3) Effect

Along with acupuncture and herbal medicine, you can loose from to 8-10 lbs the first month (slimming abdominal, thigh and hip regions)! The most noticeable improvements appear on about the 8th week. Monthly maintenance treatments can prolong the results for up to 10 years.

In addition, good diet, high-quality sleep and energy are the proponents of weight loss.
With weight loss, many medical problems relative to obesity will disappear.

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